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Rick Suchow: Bio

   (reprinted from the Bass Musician Magazine website):


Rick Suchow has been an in-demand bassist on the live New York music scene for more than three decades, logging nearly 4000 gigs in a career that has taken him from Lincoln Center to the White House. He continues to perform regularly in many notable NYC venues, and has played numerous major events entertaining some of the biggest names of our time, including two U.S. Presidents and a who's who of A-list celebrities.

He is also a songwriter whose tunes have charted on Billboard, are included in best-selling music books, and have even been recorded by a Beatle. Songs he has written (or co-written) have been released on more than 50 albums to date.

As a frequently published music journalist, Rick's insightful interviews have included some of the world's best musicians. His literary work on legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson is published in the African American National Biography, which is the "largest repository of black lives eisenhower3s.jpgever assembled in our nation's history by almost tenfold" according to its publisher Oxford University Press.

Originally a keyboardist, Rick picked up the bass guitar at 18 years old, and when a friend gave him a copy of bassist Jaco Pastorius' debut album, his entire musical future changed. He began his career as a pro musician in 1975, and has never stopped working.

Rick is a Grammy voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, as well a member of the American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers, the American Federation Of Musicians (Local 802) and the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. He has written songs for and/or played with numerous recording artists, including Ringo Starr, Angela Bofill, Joan Osborne, Deodato, Roberta Flack, TKA, Motown's Martha Reeves, Taylor Dane, Larry Graham, Jay Black, Bettye LaVette, Michael Amante, Gary U.S. Bonds, and others.




from the scrapbook...


While recording a tune I wrote for his album Time Takes Time, Ringo kindly signed my White Album. He made sure to draw an arrow to his picture so I would remember which Beatle he was.



In 2004 I played at the White House for the Bush family Christmas Party, one month after he was elected to his second term in office. I had the opportunity to chat quite a bit with the President, Laura and the twins, and the band was allowed to roam freely around the entire White House during the night. Very cool event, easily one of my most memorable gigs ever.



I can say that I wrote a number one hit. "SOS Fire In The Sky" reached #1 on the Dutch Top 40 back in the mid-eighties. It was also #1 in France and Top 10 in the U.S. on Billboard's Dance Chart.



All in the family: My wife Camille received 4 gold albums and one multi-platinum (6 million in sales) for singing on the hit "Come Baby Come" with hip-hop artist K7. It has since been released on nearly 30 compilation albums to date.





songwriting discography...

songs I've written or co-written have been released on the following albums: (includes imports, reissues and compilations)


listed alphabetically:


ab2small.jpgAngela Bofill: Let Me Be The One (Arista Records)

ab4.jpgAngela Bofill: The Best Of Angela Bofill (Arista Records)

ab3.jpgAngela Bofill: The Definitive Collection (Arista Records)

ab5.jpgAngela Bofill: Gold And Platinum (Arista Records)

ab6.jpgAngela Bofill: Let Me Be The One / Tell Me Tomorrow (Soulmusic)

ab1small.jpgAngela Bofill: The Best Of Angela Bofill (BMG Special Products)

manilacover4.jpgAngela Bofill: Live From Manilla (Black Angel)

deosmall2.jpgDeodato: Motion (Warner Bros)

motion3.jpgDeodato: Happy Hour / Motion (Wounded Bird)

deohits.jpgDeodato: The Greatest Hits (Blanco Y Negro)

sossmall.jpgDeodato: S.O.S., Fire In The Sky - Disarmamix (Warner Bros)

deovinyl-disc.gifDeodato: The Greatest Hits (vinyl reissue) (Blanco Y Negro)

indaclub.jpgDJ Frank: In Da Club (ARS Entertainment)

sosremix3.jpgJean Elan & Andrew McCensit: S.O.S., Fire In The Sky (Battle Beatz)

paulasmall.jpgPaula Faour: Cool Bossa Struttin' (Tratore)

humphries2.jpgTony Humphries: Choice (Azuli Records)

ferrymaat4.jpgFerry Maat: Soul Show (Universal TV)

ferrysoulshow3.jpgFerry Maat: Soul SHow 35th Anniversary Compilation (PTG Records)

timesmall.jpgRingo Starr: Time Takes Time (Private Music)

timejapan.jpgRingo Starr: Time Takes Time (reissue w/ bonus track) (BMG Japan)

tka2.jpgTKA: Louder Than Love (Tommy Boy Records)



grand12.jpgVarious Artists: Grand 12-Inches 4 (Sony/BMG)

nrg2.jpgVarious Artists: Hi-NRG Dance Classics (Sony Music)

discoyears3.jpgVarious Artists: The Disco Years, Volume 6 (Rhino Records)

club.jpgVarious Artists: Club Classics (Universal)

discoremix5.jpgVarious Artists: Disco Remix (Blanco Y Negro)

danceclassix2.jpgVarious Artists: Dance Classix (Mostiko)

pioneer2.jpgVarious Artists: Pioneer V.7 (Blanco Y Negro)

reinasdelanoche.jpgVarious Artists: Reinas De La Noche (Blanco Y Negro)

bn065.jpgVarious Artists: Blanco Y Negro Hits '06 (Blanco Y Negro)

funksmall.jpgVarious Artists: I Love Funky Disco (Blanco Y Negro)

discharge1.jpgVarious Artists: Disco Discharge: Gay Disco & Hi-NRG (Harmless)

joy2small.jpgVarious Artists: Joy To Dance: The Eighties (Mushroom Records)

discobreaks.jpgVarious Artists: Disco Breaks 8 (Chart Records)

danceclassics3.jpgVarious Artists: Dance Classics - Back To The 80's (Arcade)

mball2.jpgVarious Artists: Mirror Ball Classics (Pro DJ Austrailia

covers4.jpgVarious Artists: Covers 3: Golden Hits vs. Dance Music (Alrights Japan)

corne1.jpgVarious Artists: Corne Klijn's Disco Classics Party 2 (Warner Music)

bestsellers.jpgVarious Artists: Best Sellers DJs Collection (Netswork International)

clubclassics3.jpgVarious Artists: Club Classics Vol. 2 ((Arcade)

nowmusic2.jpgVarious Artists: Now This Is Music Vol. 2 (Eva)

nirvanagif.gifVarious Artists: Nirvana 2000 (WEA Japan)

80smovie.gifVarious Artists: I'm In An 80's Movie (Warner France)

discoanthems-small3.gifVarious Artists: Disco Anthems (3/60)

Power-Dance-Road.jpgVarious Artists: Power Dance Road (Universal)

54-Vol3.jpgVarious Artists: 54 Volume 3 (Blanco Y Negro)

danceclassics-disc.gifVarious Artists: Dance Classics Vol 25 & 26 (Rodeo Music)

viper2.jpgVarious Artists: Viper's Mega Mix Vol. 2 (Metropolitan Records)

viper5.jpgVarious Artists: Viper's Freestyle Hit Parade (Metropolitan Records)

eams2.jpgVarious Artists: EAMS Volume 9 (EAMS)


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