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Thanks for stopping by! I'm a bassist and writer in NYC. Feel free to come in and look around...

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quote of the week:

"I think with a lot of jam band guys you just have to sort of go with the flow, in that you have to be in the moment, you have to play in the moment. You can’t pre-conceptualize anything. And you have to play a lot, which for me is something I’ve learned about because I try to be understated." - Hutch Hutchinson

Read my interview with Hutch Hutchinson

new release:


Camille  I Sing Stevie: The Stevie Wonder Songbook

Released October 2014! Featuring Will Lee • Mitchel Forman • Bobby Franceschini • Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez • Marc Quiñones and many others.

Produced by Rick Suchow and Tommy Uzzo

See details at   /  Watch the 60-second YouTube trailer

Buy the CD or download here

the bass hall of fame:

James Jamerson









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